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Executive Retreats and Corporate Board Meetings

Homestead Inn is the ultimate destination for executive retreats and corporate board meetings. The privacy and exclusivity coupled with high standards of professional services are very conducive to conducting successful business.

The hotel is perfectly located for a convenient gathering, 26 miles to NYC, 34 miles to JFK Airport, 20 to LGA, 15 minutes to Westchester (White Plaines) Airport and its private, airfield. 5 miles from the largest concentration of global corporate headquarters; Kraft, UBS, IBM, GE, Pepsi, Morgan Stanley, MasterCard and world renowned Hedge Funds and Investment Banking firms in town.

The handsome Cottage Boardroom comfortably seats 14/16 at the large antique table or is capable of accommodating up to 20 persons. Additional relaxed seating is luxurious, while surrounded by spacious Verandahs for outdoor enjoyment.

A seasonal selection of food and beverage dining is customized to your specific needs; private full-course breakfast, luncheon and dinner in Thomas Henkelmann —or breakfast, breaks and light working buffets served within the boardroom.

Once business concludes, the Homestead Inn is an ideal place to unwind. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of the manicured grounds as you sit on the verandah, enjoy a cocktail in the bar or drinks room at the world renowned Thomas Henkelmann Restaurant or perhaps dine in one of the two private dining rooms.

Business support services are graciously handled by contacting our Director of Events, Renata Augusto. She is well versed in all our offerings and will endeavor to accommodate your every need, be it for meetings, social functions or personal.

executive retreat Executive meetings greenwich ct Cottage Boardroom Cottage Boardroom Cottage Boardroom Cottage Boardroom Cottage Boardroom

Support services:

  • Office services
  • Flowers
  • Photography
  • Gifts and presents
  • High speed cable and wireless internet
  • Private Jet and helicopter hire
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  • Yacht Charters

Technical support:

  • Wireless and Cable Internet access
  • Audio-visual — Computers, LCD, faxes, printers and copiers upon request
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